Teeth Cleaning, Scale & Polish


Teeth Cleaning in Ras Al Khaimah

Upon protecting and preserving your teeth, our professional general dentists at Nebras Dental Clinic, a leading dental clinic in Dubai, offer you the optimal care and dental services. We are concerned with dental check-ups and rejuvenating your teeth. Our mission is to offer premium quality for all adults and children.

Your dentist is your strong army that provides you oral hygiene. Excellence is defined by him/her when preserving your healthy teeth and healthy gums. Our dental treatment is for a lifetime!

Enhance Your Oral Hygiene with Teeth Scaling

You will obtain healthy teeth when you take care of your oral health through teeth scaling. When following up teeth scaling, it means that the dentist removes tartar and plaque that are surrounding your teeth. Thus, this creating a soft touch and fresh feeling of your teeth and gums.
At our dental clinic in Dubai, our dentists recommend regular visits of patients every 6 months for teeth scaling to get healthier teeth.

Teeth Polish

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning Before and After

Dental teeth cleaning does not only serve a beautiful smile, instead, it helps in keeping your teeth healthy. First, teeth cleaning eliminates stains around teeth. Indeed, it has an important role in detecting gum disease that may lead to tooth loss. It is also beneficial for all your body health.
Moreover, regular teeth cleaning enables doctors to recognize oral cancer if it is present. No matter what, our dental doctor can perform the cleaning, scale and polish of your teeth professionally.