Root Canal Treatment
in Ras Al-Khaimah

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Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Are you facing tooth infection and sharp pain? Whatever the problem you are facing from swelling, infection, bad breath or any other one, we offer you the best solution to save and protect your teeth.

At our clinic in Dubai, we provide you with the painless root canal treatment that is known with endodontics. This treatment relieves your pain and removes inside tooth infection.

Root Canal Treatment Process


Cleaning Infected Area & Filling the Canals

The dentist cleans the pulp and prepares the tooth and its roots for numbing and then works with the infected tooth. In addition, the dentists will take off the nerves.


Shaping and Filling the Canals

The doctor shapes the canals to be ready for the filling so that the bacteria cannot reach the tooth. Filling it all makes the tooth stronger.

Alleviating Pain with Antibiotics

After the root canal treatment, the patient will take antibiotics to decrease pain through following the dentist’s instructions.


Ending it with the Dental Crown

The last stage of endodontics is putting the dental crown around the teeth so that your teeth will retain their strength.

Food & Root Canal Treatment

After the root canal treatment, you need to keep the health of your teeth for a long time by eating specific types of feed for a certain period of time.

For example, you can eat soup, fruits, yogurt, ice-cream, mashed potatoes and many other types of easy chewed food.

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