Pediatric Dentistry

Kids love us;
Parents trust us!

Taking care of children’s oral health is a priority for all parents. For sure, you need a pediatric dentist that can draw a unique smile on your child’s face.
At Nebras Dental Clinic, our pediatric dentist creates an atmosphere of love and fun for all children to build trust within parents and children. So, if you need a friendly and pediatric specialist, search no more! Our dentists will oversee all oral problems for all children with different ages.
pediatric dentistry
pediatric dentistry

Specialist Pediatric in Dubai


You will be welcomed at the clinic and a dental hygienist will take you to the treatment room. Then, the dentist will check your child’s teeth. After that, you will discuss the problem with our dentist and set an appointment.

It depends on the age of the child. The younger the child, the more we take the decision to clean his/her teeth.

For sure, children are not able to brush their teeth on their own before age 6. So that they need the help of their parents.

Toothache, holes between teeth, pain when eating or drinking, and regular pain are the main symptoms of cavities in children.

Sealants play an important role in protecting the cavity of your child’s teeth and prevent its death.They last between 2-4 years.

Doctors advise that it is better to take your child for a first visit to an orthodontic check-up not less than 7 years old so that the dentist will easily recognize orthodontic problems.