Braces & Aligners

braces and aligners

Braces & Aligners
in Ras Al Khaima

Getting a gentle and unique smile is the main aim that all patients pursue when coming to Nebras Dental Clinic in Dubai. Thus, if you have irregular shape and unstraightened teeth, you need an orthodontist to provide you with the best treatment.
At our clinic in dubai, our specialists follow a peculiar process to lift up your self-confidence when smiling. Thus, our doctors are experienced and updated with the latest dental techniques to solve all teeth problems for all patients of different ages.

Types of Braces and Aligners

Clear Aligners

The aligners are easily removed and transparent which enhances its movement. They are customized for each patient.

Eon Aligner

You can get a perfect smile and straight teeth without other materials by our orthodontists who provide you with the most suitable aligner.


You can retain the place of your teeth with an Invisalign aligner.This removable aligner beautifies your smile.

K Line Clear Aligner

K Line Clear Aligners are invisible and removable aligners to perfectly straighten your teeth. We will show you a 3D preview before the treatment

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces include colored brackets that improve your smile, maintain the same colour of teeth, and last for a long time.

Damon Braces

Unlike conventional braces, Damon braces are less visible and light. Our orthodontists have creative ways when using these braces to straighten your teeth.

Lingual Braces

Increase your smile perfection with hidden braces behind your teeth. They are special for teenagers who would like to get a beautiful smile.

Insignia Braces

It is a recent and fast orthodontic treatment that enables you to see your final result before the beginning of the treatment.

Myobrace for Kids

If your kid has skewed teeth, our dentist will use Myobrace for kids with no need for tooth extraction and usage of braces.


After your treatment, your orthodontist will ask you to get retainers to make sure that your teeth take their suitable positions.

Process of
Clear Aligners

Receive a Dental Treatment Plan & Preparation of Aligner

You will receive a consultation from our orthodontist to examine your teeth, set a plan to treat your teeth, and discuss the suitable brand and shape of aligners for you.

Daily Regular Usage of Aligners

In order to get a great result that is straightening your teeth, you have to maintain usage of aligners daily.

Post Treatment

Finally, the dentist will provide you with a retainer to be used during night to ensure the stability and straightening of your teeth.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear Braces Boost Your Self- esteem

Those who will use clear braces will feel as if they have natural teeth. Due to their transparency, clear braces are almost invisible. This enables you to smile confidently with your straight teeth.

Efficiency of Clear Braces to Enhance Your Health

Clear braces are used for crooked teeth to align them. What is special about clear braces is that you do not need long treatments because the dentist will be accurate. Clear braces improve your oral hygiene and gums. Thus, you can feel fresh and stay healthy with our orthodontists.